By Gourmet - Special Grocer

By Gourmet Special Grocer By Gourmet Special Grocer with special grocery concept of world markewts, special products of "Pulses, Spices, Vegetables, Fruits and Snacks" and "Home Made and "Handmade" special sauces are offered to wholwsalers and market buyers with special products of Turkey and various special regions of the world offers.

It works with all the power to deliver large volumes of demandable products from their territories by selecting them withgreat care and presenting them to world market sellers

He has made it his duty to find out the value that Turkey's products, which stand out in the season,deserve in world markets.

In addition to Turkey's products, it also takes the world's special products in place and markets and sells them to all countries and presents them to the taste and attention of wholesale and market consumers.

The wholesaler store, which understands the valeu of food every passing day but has difficulties in reaching them with respect to its position, introduces the wholesaler and market to "Specail Grocery" concept by making all kinds of food.